Friday, March 1, 2013

Judy Blume

Less than an hour ago I happened to come across the NBC prime time show, "Rock Center with Brian Williams." Actually, The Ronald left the TV on in the family room when he went watch TV in the bedroom. Go figure!

I was in the dining room writing, and since it wasn't loud enough to bother me, I didn't get up to turn it off. And I'm so glad I didn't because all of a sudden I heard something about the author Judy Blume. I stopped my writing, saved it, (of course!)...grabbed a glass of water and headed over to the couch. 

Chelsea Clinton did a wonderful job interviewing Ms. Blume. Judy celebrated her 75th birthday last month, lives part-time in Key West, Florida, and rides her bike around the island. Ahhhh, sounds delightful, doesn't it?

It's during television shows like this that I'm so glad to have the DVR with our cable system. Some of Judy's words were almost exactly the same as ones I've uttered. (Believe me, I'm NOT comparing myself to her AT ALL, in any way. I just found it so fascinating.) So...back to the DVR. I was able to listen, jot down her words, pause it, go backward and forward, and try to get the words right. Now....if I can just read my scribbles!

From Judy: "Writing changed my life. It gave me everything. It gave me courage. It made me understand more who I was.......finding my place in the world."

"I didn't know what I was doing, but I wasn't afraid to do it. I wasn't brave in real life, but I was brave in my writing....maybe because I didn't know any better."

Oh, how I can relate to all of that! Thank you, Judy Blume, for inspiring so many writers! And thank you for helping so many "tweens" make it through those awful growing up years!