Sunday, June 20, 2010

** Father's Day 2010 **

Remember when we were kids and daydreamed about our ideas of what the 21st Century would be like? Didn't we think we'd be traveling in flying cars, like on The Jetson's?!

We have seen, and are living in, an age of such advanced technology...yet still driving along highways, streets, avenues and sometimes very bumpy roads of life.

Two days ago, another memory involving my childhood summer vacations in Iowa, came to me. Since it involves my dad, I thought it'd be appropriate to post today.

The majority of our car trip in those days was spent on 2-lane highways. Sometimes I liked to scoot up to the edge of the back seat and rest my arms on the upholstery between my mom and dad (no seat belts back then!) Many times I would see what looked like water on the road, up in the near distance, but every time we would get to that particular spot, there was nothing wet on the road. I asked my dad about it and he explained to me that it was a mirage....that it just looked like water and that it had something to do with the heat. To this day, every time I see areas on roads like that, I think of my dad and how he always took the time to explain things to me. He was such a great dad....for a few short years....and then he left us. I can only dream of how different my life may have been, had he stayed around and continued to be the dad his little girl loved so much.