Sunday, June 14, 2015


It's Time Again for Another Nostalgic Sunday

Something I wrote in yesterday's post filled me with nostalgia ~
those three little words: "Fill 'er up!"
Remember in the movie, Back to the Future, when all the Texaco gas station attendants come running out to wait on the customer?! I don't remember that actually happening to me and my family in real life, but no matter where my dad stopped for gas, at least one guy would come out and see what was needed. He'd pump whatever amount of gas my dad told him, clean ALL the windows, check the water and oil, and maybe the tire pressure. It all went quickly and then, Swoosh, we'd be off on our way again. (1950s)

I think I was in my mid-to-late twenties when companies began to modify their gas stations into Self-Serve, and I guess I was at the right age, because it didn't bother me very much. (1970s)
I've proclaimed for the past couple of years, though, that the oil companies NEED to offer at least ONE Full-Service gas pump! I truly believe LOTS of people would take advantage of it, even paying a little more for gas, just for the convenience:
 for instance ~
Moms with little kids or babies in the car
People who have some disabilities but are still able to drive
Older adults with or without health issues
Business women, dressed nicely and on their way to work
Drivers who want to feel safe, knowing things under the hood have been checked.
Oh, and what about during inclement weather?
Also, with people living longer, the population of older adults in the US keeps increasing.  
I would definitely use a Full Service pump sometimes.
What about you? Would you pay a little more?