Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live! Online! It's Wednesday Night!


Hello Everyone ~ especially all DOG lovers! Tonight, online at Radio Pet Lady, you can listen to a live broadcast guessed it....Dogs! This particular show is "Dog Travel Experts." It begins at 8:00PM Eastern, 7:00PM Central. (Although the website states different times, those haven't been updated yet.)

Radio Pet Lady Network = Tracie Hotchner (daughter of the brilliant, St. Louis born author, A.E. Hotchner, whom I've mentioned before on my blog, and had the privilege to meet!) 

Please check out Tracie's website. She has so many wonderful programs, articles, and interviews about pets, I don't know how she keeps up with them all! So much to listen to, so much to read, so much to learn, so much fun!

She invited me to be a "Special Friend" of Cat Chat & Dog Talk and that's how I received the new blog button. 

Tracie is also the author of two books: 


One more very important detail about Tracie......She is the woman I wrote about on April 29th. The generosity and support of others continues to find me as I write, following my bliss as I go...

Thank you, Tracie! 


Don't forget to listen to Tracie's show tonight!