Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember just two days ago when I wrote about the awesome deal for address labels going on at Vista Prints? I received my order already today! And I didn't pay for express shipping. They are adorable! I even took a picture to show them off! They are 2-1/2" x 3/4", pale yellow striped background, with a stack of books!! (I cut off my address, just for privacy reasons.) Aren't they cute?? If y'all e-mail your addresses to me, I'll send you a hand-written note! *Update: I just checked the website and it appears this particular special is over, but they do have other special pricing, so if you're interested, give it a look!

I forgot to mention that last Wednesday, June 2nd, I participated in a Career Day at one of my grandsons' schools. He is in the 3rd Grade and I spoke to three different 3rd grade classes about being a writer. Each presentation was only 20 minutes and everything went as planned. The kids had good questions and comments and grandson, Scotty, seemed pretty proud of his grandma! I love talking to kids about "going for their dreams", at any age, etc. I always take one or two of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that I have stories in, a couple newspaper columns, a literary magazine that I have an article in, etc. I also took some "school papers" that I thought they might like. I handed them out toward the end of each session and hopefully at least some of them took them home! I have fun typing them up....I feel like a real teacher!

This paper asks what they learned from me. What kinds of books do they like to read. Do they write in a journal, or would they like to. It also says to ask their parents or grandparents or adult relative to tell them some things about their lives when they were young, and maybe have them write down their memories for them, etc. I told them how I wished I had something like that now, because people didn't really think about those things when I was young. Anyway, it was great fun and they were so well behaved.


One more thing. Pal Donna at Donna's Book Pub posted some time ago about an upcoming Call for Submissions for a contest by Mozark Press. The deadline had been May 30th, but has been extended to June 15th, which is next Tuesday. This sounds really neat and I hope to get something sent in. The name of the contest is: A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas. Fiction, Fun, and Forties Writing Contest.
Hmmm....I haven't read the small print. I hope it's okay to be older than "forties"!


Oh! One more thing!! I came across a pretty fabulous looking site earlier today. Do you ever "Google" yourself? It's good to do from time to time, to see if there's any incorrect or bad information "out there" about you. I found out that my blog is on this site called! This link will take you directly to the blogs listed. There must be hundreds of them....and I'm one of them! I swear I've never heard of this site before, so I don't know how I wound up there. They have Contest Magazines, Contests Books, Calls For Submissions, etc. Tons of places that were new to me! Give it a just might find The Perfect Place to submit your work!!

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence." -- Helen Keller