Tuesday, October 11, 2011

* This 'n That on a Tuesday *

Good morning! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! I was sure I'd be able to post something yesterday, but time sped by. I hope everyone had a lovely day!

Every year, I look forward to our Thanksgiving in November. There's just something about that time of year: Aromas. Friends. Family. Pretty table settings. No commercialism! Just scrumptious food!

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On October 6th or 7th, I received the Robert Brault calendar and note cards I ordered. They are just as beautiful or even more so than the posted photos. I haven't decided which note card to use first, or who to snail mail it to. I really like the size of the cards, too. They are 5x7, blank inside, and so there is plenty of room for writing. Most note cards are TINY and there's never enough space! So, I can honestly say I LOVE THEM. They are beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. And how cool is it to tell others that I am a Robert Brault Blog Buddy?! And so can you...hop on over and check them out. Both the calendar and note cards would make thoughtful gifts for any occasion.
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I've come to the realization that I cannot keep up with all the delightful blogs I attempt to read and comment on. Therefore in an attempt to keep my sanity, I won't be leaving comments on any blogs, nor do I expect to receive comments from any of my readers. I hope everyone understands and won't be offended. By taking this action, plus my term ending December 31st as president of Saturday Writers, I hope to have the time, energy, and desire to WRITE.

“We're running out of time babe. The dream will come no closer by itself. We got to run after it now..." -- Gaelic Proverb