Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures & Remedies

I'm off to a very special adventure today with my son, Mark. I'll most likely blog about some of it, but I already have plans for it to be included in my book, too. (And hey, all of my writer buddies in the C&C Group... this trip was originally planned for Tuesday, and that's why I didn't attend, but it rained that morning and we rescheduled for today.)
I think I've mentioned, once or twice, my various notes of all sizes, scribbled in the moment a thought or memory came to me. A tiny piece of blank paper ripped from a newspaper, the front or back of a receipt, in note pads found in any room of the house, my purse, and/or my car, and of course the old reliable napkin, or paper towel. They would eventually wind up in a pile on my desk, getting spread all over and not to be seen or thought about until I finally decided it was time to de-clutter AGAIN.

This went on for months...years(?) Then one day I read a simple solution to my problem. I wish I remembered where I saw it, and who wrote the article, because I would definitely give them credit. I ran right out and purchased the very inexpensive remedy, which is pictured below:

See that small, single binder ring?? THAT is the answer! I gather my little scribbles every few days, punch a hole in them if necessary, and voile'!

I go through them when I'm working on my book. If I find something I decide to write about that day, I tear it off and throw it away.....making room for more and more notes. You can bet I'm taking it with me on my writer get-away...along with tons of other writerly things!

Hello & Welcome to my two newest followers: Allison and Keair! I hope you always enjoy what you read and see here and come back whenever you can. Thanks so much!

"You should always know when you're shifting gears in life. You should leave your era; it should never leave you." -- Leontyne Price