Wednesday, December 9, 2009

*** Did Somebody Say WIND?? ***

We're not getting the blizzard that many states are suffering from today, BUT....since around midnight or so last night, the wind has been causing some damage, and waking up quite a few people...yours truly included!

It's enough to take breath away (including Tiger's!), scoot around patio furniture, and blow empty, Christmasy-wrapped boxes out of the little, wooden wagon in our front yard! Luckily, when I looked out my door for about the 6th time this morning, and noticed that 2 of them had jumped right out of that wagon, they were still in MY yard. I grabbed a coat, ran out and retrieved them, plus the ones still in the wagon, and brought them inside. (Another fortunate thing was that I was not still in my jammies!)

I think it's definitely a good day to stay inside and do a little baking, work on my Christmas cards, and get some writing accomplished! I think I'll call some of my relatives in Iowa, too, and see how they're doing.

I'm soooo grateful I don't have to go anywhere today!