Sunday, September 19, 2010

** And The Winner Is....**

We've all heard how hard it is to judge a writing contest, or to select the best of the best for an anthology, and believe me...that is so true.

I received twelve submissions for my writing contest, based on a photo prompt. All the stories were so unique and had their own individual voice. I barely glanced at them when I received each e-mail, because I didn't want to begin judging while the person's identity was fresh in my mind.

Tonight after I printed each story, I cut out any name or e-mail address, and gave them to The Ronald to read. After he made some decisions, I read all of them and made some of my own decisions. A little discussion began and then I was the one who ultimately made the final decision. (By the way, The Ronald was really pleased to be part of this and took it very seriously!) Thanks to all twelve who took the time to write a story and submit it. I really appreciate it and I thought it was lots of fun, hopefully for you, too.

THE WINNER IS: BOOKIE - CLAUDIA!  Coming in at exactly 100 words.  Below is her story:

Addy swung her worn boot into the truck, brown leather faded white from work. She drove down the bumpy lane’s fresh wash outs, bouncing with a bronc rider’s grace. As she passed the Winston place, she saw an autumn scarecrow waving. None of that fall frippery for their place, only work.

When she pulled into the farm store, she saw a painter’s palette of robust hues. The uninhibited colors took her breath away. Pumpkins nestled among mums like perfect harvest moons, something she hadn’t witnessed in years.
Driving away, her cargo included orange and yellow mounds.

What would John think?

I chose this one because the story took me along with it. I was right there with Addy, as if I was riding along in the passenger side of the truck....and smiling silently as she headed home with her somewhat forbidden cargo! Great job, Claudia! Please e-mail me and let me know which book you'd like to add to your prizes.

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip." ~ Elmore Leonard

** Sunday Synopsis **

* The twelve (12) contest entries have been printed. I cut out names and/or e-mail addresses, so when I sit down to read them, I truly won't remember who wrote what. Then I'll turn them over to The Ronald to read. After he gives his opinions, I'll read them again, and then.....voile'....the winner will be announced! That will happen most likely later tonight.

* A few days ago, I mentioned a Call for Submissions I received in an e-mail. But the information didn't make sense with what I saw, and didn't see, on the web site. (I couldn't find anything about Flashlight Memories!) I haven't heard back from them, but decided to go ahead and post the link:

This is what the e-mail said: Flashlight Memories Silver Boomer Books is seeking poetry - 23 lines or less (this includes the spaces between lines and/or stanzas) - for the upcoming anthology themed Flashlight Memories. Flashlight Memories recounts memories experiences with reading, which produced lifelong readers.

Please submit your work according to the guidelines found at
Poetry deadline: October 5, 2010  

(Good luck and let me know if any of you figure this one out!)

* Speaking of anthologies......I have an announcement that is huge to me! I have just been notified that a story I began working on in April of 2009, has been accepted by Kiwi Publishing for an upcoming Thin Threads Anthology. Woo-Hoo!! Doin' the Happy Dance! I cannot tell you how much this means to me. The story I wrote and submitted was the first one I've ever written that wasn't about my own life. It was an "As Told By" story of a Hurricane Katrina survivor, her struggles and her eventual joyful life. She came from Mississippi to this area and I was fortunate enough to interview her and become her friend. To find out the rest of the story......well, you know what you have to the book when it comes out in November! I'll even autograph my chapter!  (Thin Threads accepts inspirational, true stories. Click on either link above and check them out.)

* One more thing. Just yesterday morning. (♫♪ okay, who just heard James Taylor's voice in your head ♫♪)
 The quote at the end of my post was, "So many books, so little time." (one of my absolute favorites!) THEN, last night I was at the mall, just kind of wandering and looking. And I found, tried on and bought THIS:
Isn't it adorable?? This white sweatshirt is so soft and comfy.

I couldn't get a good close up. The books say: Who's Who, Give a Hoot, Book of Wisdom, and under the steaming cup of coffee or tea, one of the books says Night Owl.
Is that too cute, or what??
I only wish it would've come in other colors. I'm afraid I'll have trouble keeping it clean! ☺

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." -- Henry Ward Beecher