Friday, February 1, 2013

* My Newest Epiphany *

Some of you may be wondering where I've been the past week. I've been extremely busy and have gotten quite a few things accomplished, but as usual, I'm still behind on everything. While lamenting the fact that I'll never get caught up, I had an epiphany. 

There is no such thing as being caught up!

Every day brings new challenges to every one of us, no matter our situation. It doesn't matter whether we're young stay-at-home moms, women who have careers outside the home, middle-aged, retired, whatever. 

Laundry will always pile up. Dishes will get dirty. Tables will get dusty. And rugs/floors will have crumbs and dog hairs on them. That's called life

I am SO grateful I have a husband who does not care about these things.

And at this point in my life, I've become much less concerned about the way my house looks, too, unless friends or family are coming over! Then look out! 

And so my deadlines involve writing. I've just completed going through the edited version of my memoir. Next I'll make some changes as suggested by my fabulous editor and friend: Margo Dill 

(I can't say enough wonderful things about Margo -- at least not today! I don't have the time! I just crack myself up sometimes! Seriously, I'll be talking more about Margo at a later date.)

So, this means I'm getting closer and closer to the actual publishing of my book in print! Have I mentioned that a local fellow writer (and member of Saturday Writers) came to me and said he will get my Word document formatted the way createspace needs it....and at no charge to me?? What a great guy. I must use the word "grateful" again! This will help me publish From Pigtails to Chin Hairs much sooner than I thought I could..... 

* Welcome to my newest followers Claire Hegarty, Heather Farrar, and Marie AgneauI hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! * 

P.S. I know I "owe" quite a few e-mails and I will do my best to reply soon! Please don't think I've forgotten or that I'm ignoring anyone. 

* Saturday, 2/2 Another P.S. I forgot to mention the beautiful crocheted pink tea cup and other fabulous items I won in Carmelina's 2000 Followers Giveaway! If you're not familiar with Carmelina, please stop by her blog. She is an amazing artist and all around lovely lady!

"When one door closes another one opens." -- Alexander Graham