Sunday, March 2, 2014


Just a reminder that my giveaway on Goodreads ends on March 4th...that's this Tuesday!

Click giveaway details to enter. Four print copies will be given away and as I type this, there are 265 people entered.

* Giveaway ended & I have the names and addresses of the four winners. A total of 616 people entered which is a fantastic number! *

Oh, the weather outside is crappy
 So, I'll just take a nappy.
The snow will cover the pot holes
And the sleet will ping the windows
But I'll be napping happily
Until it's time for some Bordeaux!
© Becky Povich
What can I say?! I'm the one who has this on my side bar:
"There's a poet within me, seeking words that rhyme with crap!"