Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Thank you so much to all who said prayers for Charlie! 😊

Just received the Good News phone call from our vet!! I could hear the happiness in your voice the entire time.

Vet: "Your boy did fine. In fact he's sitting and barking! Doesn't like the cage!"
Me: "Oh yeah, he wants his momma." 
Vet: "Yes he does!"

I couldn't stand leaving Charlie there. He has terrible separation anxiety and as the technician was taking him to the back, he pulled out of his collar, and came running to me! 


So, they put a different collar/leash thing on him and away he went. I can't believe I didn't cry!! I just kept telling myself that everything was going to be okay...and thankfully, it is!

She wants to keep him until 2:00 pm and then we can pick him up. Guess I'll do laundry and housework and listen to music on my Echo.  🎶     

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


You know how sometimes it seems like a lot of good things happen all at once?
No, me neither!

But, it does seem like challenges, crises, stressful situations kind of come in bunches. I'm going through some of those right now.

Charlie is getting surgery tomorrow morning to have a cyst removed and checked for cancer. (This is our first doggie to ever need surgery.)

My oldest son, Scott, has been going through A LOT for way too long and doesn't seem to think he needs help.

I've got some health issues that don't seem to be serious, but have been stressful and a bit worrisome.

Well....isn't this a cheerful blog post?!

I just felt the need to share these things tonight and to ask for well wishes/prayers/etc. I will post updates on Charlie as soon as possible, and on any other happenings concerning the above info.

And below are some favorite photos/jokes from long ago blog posts. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I'm so happy to announce that yesterday I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul, for their upcoming book about grandparents. It felt so good to write! 😃

I reworked and edited one of the grandparent chapters in my memoir.

They are looking for quite a few stories right now, so check it out! I know y'all can write about your favorite memories!  Book Topics

It will be months before I hear anything, but I'll certainly keep y'all posted. I'm keeping the faith.

I have to share a cute photo of Charlie. I caught him yawning....

and posted it on my Facebook page saying that writing is hard work, 
and it even makes Charlie tired just watching me! 😋

Have a great rest of the week!