Sunday, February 27, 2011

* Titles Being Tossed Around....Still *

I don't know why I'm driving myself nuts about choosing the title for my memoir. It's not as if I have to make a decision right now. It's not as if I can't write another word until I've absolutely, positively selected the name, signed with my blood on the dotted line, and done the "my handshake is my word" thing. BUT, ever since my publisher and I talked a few months ago about doing a sample book cover, it's been hanging over, in, and around my head.

I want that feeling of looking up from my laptop and seeing the mock-up pinned to my bulletin board. I want to feel that "skip a heartbeat, tingling in my stomach" kind of feeling whenever I see it. I just know that when my decision has been made, I'll be at peace with myself. I'll be able to zoom happily along and finish my book right on time, or even a little bit sooner.

My indecision reared its ugly head yesterday, right after our Saturday Writers meeting. (which was another fantastic meeting with a great turn out.) As soon as two of the board members heard me talking about  changing the title and looking at different possible cover ideas, they both proclaimed their love of my old, original title. The one I've been carrying around in this crazy head of mine for quite a few years. And I DO still love it and I DO believe it will grab people.

So, more anxiety about The Title. I think this calls for a late afternoon nap, especially since I haven't slept much in the past 24 hours...and...and.......Zzzzzzz