Sunday, September 25, 2016


It's Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday!

Wow, this is my third Nostalgic Sunday in a row!
Will I be able to keep this up??
I borrowed the below photos from a blog post I wrote on November 18, 2011. Usually when I look back at memories, it doesn't seem like anything was so long ago, but for some reason, this particular memory does seem like it was five years ago...or even more.  
I think it's because we've moved twice since we lived in that home. We downsized both times and I've always been happy...or maybe the correct way of saying it would be "I chose to be happy" and "I've always bloomed wherever I've been planted."
So, why am I posting photos from almost five years ago?! Here is that link: 
Because I made two homemade apple pies this afternoon and everything looked just like these photos! I used the exact same recipe which is so simple, even I can bake great pies! And I love using my apple peeler/slicer/corer thingy, which still works great.
Today, I did use different apples because my local grocery store had some on sale. I used Honey Crisp and Sweet Tango. Yummy! 
(I've always used a variety in one pie: granny smith, gala, braeburn, cortland.)

I used my go-to pie crust - Pillsbury!
Sprinkle the apple slices with a cinnamon sugar mix.
The topping is flour, sugar, and butter. 

And...voila' ! 
(When you click on each photo, you can see a LARGE view!)

My husband, Ron, has already eaten almost half of one!
(Good reason to make two at a time!)
I'll be happy to post the recipe if anyone would like to see it.

How about it, everyone? Who likes to bake pies? Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Or do you prefer cakes? Now that the weather is finally cooling a bit, I'm ready to bake homemade bread, which I really haven't done in YEARS!