Sunday, January 25, 2015


It's Time Again for Another Nostalgic Sunday!
In my attempt to get back into blogging on a somewhat regular basis, I thought the best place to start would be with a "Nostalgic Sunday" post. Those of you who have been around for a few years will remember I used to post these just about every Sunday. Then it got less and less...and I'm sad to say the last two were November 2014, and August 2014. Well, that just won't do! I think I can manage at least once a month.
I'm nostalgic today for several reasons:
  • I'm in the beginning stages of writing a piece for the 2015 St. Louis production of Listen to your Mother.  < Check out the site for complete information on how to submit a story or buy tickets to the show.
  •  I've been seeing and hearing prop (propeller) planes again all over the skies.
  •  I've been going through lots of old B&W photos, along with my mental images for my sequel I'm also working on. *note about that farther below*
  •  I'm feeling the most nostalgic because of an aroma! Isn't it both amazing, and yet so simple, that certain odors trigger powerful memories? Many times it's because of a certain food, or perfume, or even logs burning in the fireplace. I think this particular one might be a bit unusual. (Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it!) This aroma is that of dryer sheets or fabric softener!
Many times when I'm outside with my beloved dog, Vern, we meander all around the sidewalks and grassy areas in our condo complex. (It seems that 90% of the residents here also own a dog or two, so there are plenty of odors for Vern to sniff!)
It doesn't matter whether it's a weekday or weekend, or daytime or evening. Whiffs of various laundry fragrances permeate the air and I'm immediately taken a hopscotch game, back and forth between my childhood, my teenage years, and especially my very young married life.

The short version of "my very young married life" is this:
  1. Lived in Germany for a year with first husband and baby son, Scotty.
  2. Rented apartment in tiny town.
  3. Became best friends with another army wife, Debbie.
  4. We sometimes did our laundry together.
  5. Once in a while splurged and bought a German brand detergent because it smelled heavenly and the PX only sold Tide.
  6. We'd gather our deutsche marks, walk across the street and down the block, while taking turns pushing Scotty's stroller.

I wonder how many women find joy in such simple things? I believe there are "loads" of us! J

One more thing...The note above about working on my sequel...

A long time ago I didn't like using the word "work" when mentioning my writing. I thought I should refer to it as "writing" my memoir, or contest submission, or essay.

But after writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting again, deleting entire paragraphs, printing pages to read and edit again with a red pencil, wadding up paper after paper of crap I'd written... I became a believer! It is WORK!
Oh, but then again what beautiful and wondrous work it is!


I'd like to welcome two new followers! And as Sandi, William, and Lisa (from my previous post) were different and unique, so are Melody Jacobs and Dimple Khadi. (I had trouble trying to get Dimple Khadi's blog link to post, so I'll attempt doing that again later.) I hope you'll both stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see!

"The final lesson a writer learns is that everything can nourish the writer. The dictionary, a new word, a voyage, an encounter, a talk on the street, a book, a phrase learned." - Anais Nin