Sunday, December 18, 2011

* Nostalgic Sundays *

It's Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday

One week from today is Christmas Day! Unbelievable!
Time, once again, for Christmases Past.

This little snowman is about 3 inches tall. He's made of wax, and yes there's a wick on top of his hat., but I will never light it. This isn't from my actual childhood, but it is old. I don't remember where it came from, but I'm so glad to have it because we did have one just like him when I was little. We also had a candle angel with yellow hair, and altar boy with some red in his robe. I remember seeing them melt down after they'd been lit with matches and it made me sad. Don't worry little snowman. That won't happen to you!

I decorated our tree in vintage style this year, using tinsel/icicles and ornaments that were truly old, or made to look old. The blue ornament in the bottom middle of this picture is one of my old ones. It has the indentation in the front, where there's silver and red. It says West Germany on it. I'm not sure where this came from. I either brought it back from Germany when I lived there in the 70s, or purchased it somewhere in the states. Either way, I have five of them and they're some of my favorites.

I love this picture of my brother and me. He has his arm around my shoulder and we both look so sweet. Look at those Steve Urkel corduroy overalls he's wearing! And look at me! I was really knock-kneed then! Don't you love the kittens on my felt skirt, though?!

This is a much-loved Christmas picture and I'm so glad it somehow managed to wind up in my possession. This was in December 1959, so I was just about 2 weeks from being 7 years old. It was in the parlor at Webster College in St. Louis. (At that time, Webster was an all girl college, run by The Sisters of Loretto. Both of my older sisters went there at that time and lived in the dorms.) The doll was part of the display of gifts under the tree. Someone, either my mother or one of my older sisters, thought it would be cute for me to sit there, holding the doll, and have my picture taken. I'm glad they did!

I hope you've enjoyed another look into Christmases Past. I'll also post one next Sunday, the 25th.

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"Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home."  ~Carol Nelson