Sunday, May 9, 2010

** In Honor of Mother's Day **

In honor of Mother's Day, I had breakfast on this lovely glass plate and cup set. (which I whipped up myself, and no, my husband did not serve me breakfast in bed! I much rather have coffee or iced tea, later, on our deck!) I have a set of 8 of these, which were my mom's.

When I was very young, she used these when she was the host of her Bridge Club. Two or three card tables and chairs completely filled our tiny living room. I remember hearing strange phrases like, "Three No Trump", "One Diamond", "Pass", or "No Bid", etc. The funniest of all, of course, was the player that was The Dummy!

I loved seeing my mom get all dressed up and have women friends over to our house. Another happy the book!

Oh, by the way. My breakfast is my absolute favorite: a slice of any kind of pound cake, topped with vanilla flavored low fat yogurt, topped with fresh strawberries, topped with granola cereal! YUM!

And, I drink my coffee black. I make it really weak at home, which is what I prefer, but I can drink just about any kind when I'm out!

"You're not fat. You're just pleasingly plump". -- Rubyism

P.S. I only have one song on my Play List today: "Ruby Baby" by Dion, in tribute to my mother: Ruby!

 This song was really popular in the mid to late 60's (after my parents' divorce). My brother Mike, older sister Jo Ann, and I all loved this song and would jitterbug to it in our living room. (Jo Ann had a 45 record of it and our hi-fi just about wore the grooves off of it.....hey, do you think that's where the phrase "Get Your Groove On" came from??...) Mother was more of the Glenn Miller-type, and we got our kicks out of calling her "Ruby baby"! She would laugh and said, "Oh you kids!"  Ahhh, another sweet memory!

** Happy Mother's Day **

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Although some of our own mothers are deceased, they are still a part of us, aren't they?

This is one of my favorite pictures. It's my mom, my dad, brother Mike and me. It was taken around 1957-1958 in Fort Morgan, Colorado. We were on one of our summer vacation trips visiting relatives.  My two much-older sisters were both in college at that time, so they didn't come along with us.

My mother and I are wearing the ever-so-popular "Mother/Daughter Dresses" which were very "in" at that time. My mother sewed them herself and I thought they were quite special.

We look like the All American Happy Family, don't we? It's hard to believe that just about five years later, my parents divorced. Dad pretty much abandoned us. Mom did the best she could, being thrown into an entirely different life than she wanted, or ever envisioned.

There's so much more to the story, and a great deal will be included in  my book.

"You don't always get everything you want in this life." -- Rubyism