Thursday, July 9, 2015


I chose today's blog post title for three reasons:
1) It's been raining here so hard, for so long, that I just keep thinking, When it rains, it pours. (and when will it ever stop?)
2) I love the Morton Salt logo and slogan!
3) Let's call it "Nostalgic Thursday!"

Morton Salt girl - 1956
This is the Morton Salt image that I remember as a little girl. Our home always had a container Morton Salt. Mother not only cooked meals, she baked all kinds of goodies, and every recipe called for salt then, didn't it??

And maybe one of the reasons I loved looking at the little Morton Salt girl was because she looked like me....or I looked like her!

P.S. Our dad always got a kick out of the fact that my brother and I could sing all of the cigarette commercial songs! Boy, how times have changed.

Do you remember any slogans or logos from your childhood? Please share!