Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maxine and More

Gotta love Maxine!

She tells it like it is!

I think I need to learn how to have a martini every now and then!

In September of 2010, my blog friend TK Richardson and I got together and started "Comment Like Crazy," a weekly blog feature. We had the best of intentions but I don't think either one of us got very far with it. I know I didn't! (You can read all about it HERE)

I'm not announcing any new attempt at this, just the fact that this weekend, February 18 and 19, I will spend LOTS of time reading and commenting on as many blogs as I can. We all have important and/or entertaining things to say, and pictures to post, and they deserve as much attention as they can get! I can't promise a long and drawn out comment, but I'll do my best!☺  

** Speaking of comments, I'm sure you've all noticed by now the horrendous new verification baloney that Blogger has us doing! Ridiculous! They don't even give anyone a choice..Therefore, I have elected to do away with my verification feature. I have my Comment Setting scheduled for me to check on, and give the okay to, any comments on posts that are older than seven days. That way I will most likely see any spam or inappropriate comments before they are displayed.**

* I'll also be back on Sunday, with my Nostalgic Sunday post. *

"Isn't it a little embarrassing to live in a country started by people who buckled their hats?" - Maxine

"Those one-shoulder tops are great if you're too lazy to shave both armpits." - Maxine