Sunday, July 18, 2021

* GREEN KITTY EXPLANATION * is the explanation about Green Kitty's name! (At that time, various stray cats were coming to our front porch to eat food we put out for them, and some of them liked it so much they hung around a lot.) The other cats/kitties that visited much be feral cats because they've never let us get very close to them. We have a new little family that we're trying to get close and pet them, because they are adorable and we'd love for them to be adopted.)

Ron and I gave all the stray kitties various names so we'd know who was who! The guy below is Green Kitty. Then there was White Socks because he was mostly all black except for white on all four legs, that looked like socks. 

Also, grey striped kitty.

Black and White kitty.


Another visitor! We call this guy Green Kitty, because of his tiny green collar with a tiny bell. We found out he had an owner who moved away...and just left him!

This was taken in April. We took him in soon after that.
He is so much fun! Ron and I are amazed we have a kitten in our house

Oh, and we bought him a new green collar !

P.S. So, this is why I mentioned to Stephen T. that he would never guess about the name! :)

Monday, July 12, 2021

More Fun at Barnes & Noble

I don't think I've written about "Green Kitty" on my blog. I've been spending too much time on Facebook again. I swear, I need to set a timer and when it goes does Facebook!

There's so much news to share about this beautiful black kitty. I'm sure everyone is already thinking...Why is his name Green Kitty when he is obviously not green! May I just say for now, that it's kind of a long story, but I need to get back to my actual writing I'm doing! Yes, working on memoir sequel and stories for submissions to various places!!

I just had to buy this coffee mug at B&N because....well LOOK! Our kitty is this one's twin!

More to come soon, but I really have to do other stuff right now! 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Chicken Soup for the Soul - At Barnes & Noble

I stopped by the Barnes & Noble in St Peters, Missouri on the way home from work Thursday. My friend, Jo still works there part-time. That's where we met a "few" years ago.

I worked during November and December and spent more than I earned! (I really don't remember what year that was. I think Mark was in high school!)