Tuesday, September 28, 2010

** Tuesday's Tidbits **

An extra special Thank You goes to Sue at Sue's News, Views 'n Muse! After reading yesterday's post, Sue realized I was most likely referring to a memoir she glowingly reviewed recently. She even listed the link in her comment: http://grannysuesnews.blogspot.com/2010/09/lets-take-long-way-home.html. The name of the memoir is "Let's Take the Long Way Home," by Gail Caldwell. I was practically jumping for joy when I realized Sue did have the information! But, now, I have a quandry. Should I still read "The Condition" first, before mailing it to Bookie/Claudia? It's a BIG book.....Hmmm...I think I'll go ahead and mail it to Clauida with her other winnings. I hope my library has Gail Caldwell's book, since I already own a gazillion books, and haven't even read a large number of them, yet! Ahhhh...So Many Books. So Little Time!
I don't know if I've mentioned a newsletter I receive about once a month that is full of literary magazines and contests and calls for submissions, etc. I've posted some of the information about them, but not the newsletter itself. The website is: Poets & Writers. It's full of wonderful information. Sign up for the newsletter and you'll be kept in the loop!
You know all that irritating junk (snail) mail that fills your mail box practically daily? For years, I opened everything, realized it was junk and threw it away. Then someone mentioned to me about the great Buy One Get One Free restaurant coupons they received, or the Save So-Much when you spend So-Much kind of coupons. So, I started opened up junk mail again. Good thing I did, because recently I received a nice little rebate check in a blank-looking envelope, that almost got tossed before I opened it. And the coupons are worth going through, even if you only find one that you would use. Okay....I told you all that, so I can tell you this: I wanted to send something special to my sister now that she's home from the hospital, but I couldn't think of anything other than a cute homemade card. WELL, yesterday while going through stacks of junk mail that I'd let pile up in my office, I came across one for $4.00 off an Edible Arrangement! Voile! The perfect special gift! They're rather pricey, but I got a small one, since it's just Marian and her husband. She called me today to thank me and was so pleased and surprised and feeling quite "special"!

"When you urgently serve others, attack problems, enact solutions, and express your sense of family and friendship, the rewards will come back to you with equal speed." -- Pat Croce