Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I did it again! I went to Dollar Tree for approximately five items, and came home with twenty eight...SEVEN of those being hardcover books! (I just blogged about this same topic on February 8th)
I just cannot resist books. I almost walked right past the aisle, but then noticed the book section seemed to have expanded since my last visit. So,  my cart was magnetically pulled to the left. What could I do but hang on and go with it?
I've never been one to completely "judge a book by its cover," but if it's obvious it's something gory, zombie-like, science fiction, etc....I know I won't read it. Out of these seven books, I'm aware of two authors and their genre: Bill Geist and William Least Heat Moon, but the other five I chose for either or all of the following reasons:
1) I liked the title
2) I read a few of the blurbs on the back covers
3) I read the first few sentences of Chapter One
4) The cover did catch my attention


So...which book to read first?? What a decision to make...although I knew if I didn't like it, I'd try another one. I chose One For The Books, by Joe Queenan. I mean....look at that cover! A book, about the love of books, with lots of colorful books on the cover! One of the reviews on Amazon, by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, says this: "A passionate, at times hilarious, account of a life spent reading and rereading."
Mr. Queenan is definitely a fabulous satirist and humorist, and a true bibliophile! I've read about the first 50 pages and I'm loving it. Some of his opinions and experiences pertaining to books are laugh-out-loud funny. A few I agree with...and others I don't.
I'll post my final thoughts when I finish reading it.
What about you? Do you buy books very often? Where have you found some of your best buys? Did any of these random purchases make a huge difference in your life? I have one that immediately comes to  mind:
I bought this at the Army PX in a small German town in the 1970s. It changed my life!