Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'd like to share a bizarre little story that still baffles me.

My Kodak printer/copier ran out of color ink about a week ago,
and I finally went to Walmart on Saturday to buy a new package.

It was properly sealed. 

The box had not been opened.
There weren't any cuts or tears in the cardboard.

I grabbed my scissors to cut open the silver bag.......

And saw that it had already been cut open!
 It wasn't a jagged tear. It was a cut. 

I immediately thought, This is bad. This is really bad.
They are not going to allow me to return or exchange this!

The orange, plastic cover was snapped onto it as it's supposed to be.
But that ink cartridge was EMPTY! When I removed my used one, and clicked the "new" one into place, I just knew it was either empty or close to it because it was very lightweight. I did try to use it to print something, but the copier just kept yelling at me to replace my empty cartridge! (Why can't it still go ahead and print black and white documents?? That's what I use the most.) My stomach just sank. I knew if I took it back to Walmart and told them the truth, they'd never believe me.
Heck, I wouldn't believe me.
Well, I figured out a way to not lose any money in this little predicament. The same day I bought the ink cartridge, I also bought a new watch ($10.88) and some makeup ($7.00?) Luckily, I hadn't opened either one yet, and so they are going back to the store for a refund of almost the price of the ink cartridge!
I don't have to have those two items, but I do have to have my ink!

Sheesh! I finally got all my laptop and e-mail issues straightened out, and then this happened! Oh well....it could be a lot worse! Just call me Pollyanna!