Monday, June 7, 2010

** This 'n That on a Happy Monday **

Most people probably wouldn't choose a Monday as a particularly happy day. I certainly didn't, during those years I worked at stressful jobs. But now I have the luxury of staying home....and I do mean luxury. I know how very fortunate I am and whenever I'm feeling stressed about all the things I have to do.......sheesh, I remind myself how it used to be, and how it could be, and that usually stops my whining!

I'm happy today for various reasons, which is typical for me. So many things contribute to my happiness: my home, my family, my dog, nature, writing, reading, thinking, observing, creating, helping, etc. And, today, as in most days, I have been, or will do....all of them. Some days, washing the dishes makes me happy! Yeah, I know....I'm a freak!

Okay.....Here's my Monday News:

1) I have declared that it is officially summer (at least on my blog) and that's why I've changed my Play List to summer time songs. Hope you enjoy them. If you have any other favorites to suggest, let me know and maybe I can add them.

2)  Since I'm feeling quite happy today, my favorite songs on this list would be: #22 Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz, and #24 Oh Happy Day by the Edwin Hawkin Singers.

3)  There's a mistake on song #47 Summertime. That is definitely NOT Aretha Franklin singing with Louis Armstrong. I'm not sure WHO it is, but it isn't Ms. Franklin! (anybody can add songs to the main play list, and I run into mistakes fairly often.)

4)  I am thrilled to say that my followers have now reached 61. When the number reaches 100, I will have a Big-Give-Away-Contest! Woo-Hoo!

5)  I hope to be participating in Tea Cup Tuesday tomorrow. I have a couple of new goodies to show off, recently purchased at a nearby Antique Mall, for fabulous prices!

6)  One more thing. Somewhere in Blog Land, I came across a site that is all about coupons and freebies. Talk about spending a lot of time on the old computer! I had to get away from that one really fast, or I would've been there for hours. I do have one really cool thing to share. Vista Prints is giving away FREE return address labels! If you click on the link I've provided, it will take you right there. You can get 140 labels FREE and just pay the shipping. I went ahead and doubled mine because the price for another 140 is only $1.49, plus shipping. So, I ordered a total of 280 lables and paid $6.14, including shipping! They're not just plain labels, either. There are 100's to choose from. I got mine with a stack of books on them Hhhmmm, wonder why?! (I think this is a Limited Time Offer, so get thee over to their site.)

Even if you don't snail-mail many things anymore, they can be used for all types of things. You could use them in your books, in your kids' books, DVD's, for identifying purposes, etc.

**And NO, I'm not getting paid anything, from anybody, for sharing this information. **

And thanks to a friend who started off my Happy Monday with a sweet and thoughtful gift. We had coffee and conversation, both vowing to "get some work done today".  (so far, I haven't crossed off a single thing on my Things To Do List! Eeek!)

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart. ~ Terri Guillemets

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction. ~ Salvador Dali
 (and just because I'm so happy today, I'm leaving you with THREE....count 'em.....THREE quotes!)