Thursday, November 18, 2010

* Give a Book for Christmas *

♪♫  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  ♪♫   

** NOTE: (added 11/19 pm) I forgot to say a little more about the Thin Threads book series. Since I've known about it and have been so close to it for over a year and a half, I think everyone must've heard of it and/or know about it! Here are some words, taken directly from their website:

Thin Threads: a moment, event, setback, crossroad, or encounter that connected you to a person, place or an opportunity that changed your life for the better.

Thin Thread stories are a collection of moments, events or decisions told in personal story form, each showing how the course of our lives can be redirected for the better. The stories encapsulate our human desire to tell our own stories and to read and relate to others through their stories.

So, you can see how it differs from other anthologies. Thin Threads is very unique!

 I am in such a happy mood right at this very moment! I was in my "usual" happy mood when I got up today at 4:00am. (Yep, went to sleep early last night and got a good night's rest.) But, now it is 3:20pm, CST, and I am ecstatic! I just spoke to Stacey Battat at Kiwi Publishing and the new Thin Threads books will be shipping to me tomorrow! This is the anthology that has my story about a woman and her family, and how Hurricane Katrina and Habititat for Humanity, St. Charles County Missouri, changed their lives. Woot!

$17.95 each
I am offering a personal promotion for this book. Whoever buys any directly from me, I will donate $5.00 per book, to Habitat in St. Charles, Mo. AND I will ship them at NO CHARGE, to anywhere in the US or Canada. (sorry, I will have to charge shipping out of the country.)

*These would make lovely Christmas gifts, PLUS you'd be helping a wonderful charity!* 

(courtesy: martha

Christmas again. But this year there was money for presents and lots of food in the icebox and the flat was always warm now. When Francie came in off the cold street she thought that the warmth was like a lover’s arms around her drawing her into the room. She wondered, incidentally, exactly what a lover’s arms felt like. — A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith (pen name of Elisabeth Wehner) (1943)