Monday, October 19, 2009

** Acceptance By "Thin Threads" Anthology **

This evening I received an e-mail I'd been anticipating for a long time. My story, titled: "God's Grace Is Sufficient" has been accepted by Kiwi Publishing and will be included in one of the Thin Threads anthologies that will be published sometime next year.

I wrote the true story about a young woman who lived through Hurricane Katrina, moved to St. Louis, and eventually was a home recipient from Habitat for Humanity. I met with this lovely woman two or three times to interview and get all the information I needed to write her story. After quite a few edits and drafts, I finally completed and submitted it, with great hopes for its acceptance...naturally for myself, but even more so for Habitat for Humanity and the young woman it's about. She was happy and honored to share her story and hoped it would be published so it would reach many people.

I can't wait to call her tomorrow, and also the Habitat for Humanity office in St. Charles and tell them the wonderful news!