Friday, June 27, 2014


A funny thing happened this morning. Actually it was two things. And they weren't really funny. And they were on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

One was surprising, exciting and just "made my day" before it was even noon! I received a really nice, 5-Star review on Amazon, from one of my Goodreads winners. Here's the link:

I never dreamed I would hear back from anyone, and especially not for a review. What a fabulous feeling! (By the way, out of the four or five books I gave away, I did receive an e-mail from one or two, saying they received my book, etc. I love courteous people)


The second thing that happened was an e-mail I received, reporting that their review of my memoir "wasn't a rave." Hmm, not at all what I was hoping for. But, it's not getting printed anywhere which is a relief. It's my first negative review and although I was a bit hurt and disappointed at first, I just thought Wow, are they ever wrong!  J
As I typed "Rolling With the Punches" for my title, it also made me immediately think of Charlie Rich's 1970s hit "Rollin' with the Flow." I love everything about this song: the music, the lyrics, and the handsome guy who sings it!
So, anyway......I'm rolling with the punches....and....rollin' with the flow!
How's your day been so far?!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


In spite of time flying by every day, I'm managing to get a few important things accomplished.


Papers, notes, printed e-mails, bills, pencil holders, and stapler, etc. Oh, and the much needed diet soda. I think there's also a cup of coffee hiding behind my laptop!
(I really must get my desk painted (the one with all the drawers!) and brought into my office/spare bedroom.) 

1) On June 16th, I mentioned: The Royal Nonesuch National Humor Writing Contest, Deadline June 30, 2014

Well....I'm happy to say I've been working on something to submit to this. Just hope I can get it completed in time!

2) I hadn't said anything yet about another contest I entered last month, but receiving an e-mail today prompted me to do so now. No, the e-mail didn't contain any exciting news! At least, not what some of y'all might be thinking! BUT, it was exciting to me. Here are the first couple of sentences:
We wanted to give you a quick status update on your entry in the 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Your book has been processed and has now shipped to the judge!  

I'm pretty sure I first heard about this contest from my friend, Marcia Gaye. (Thank you, Marcia!) I was in a panic to get my entry form mailed on the deadline date of May 30th, and a few days later I noticed it was extended to June 13th. That didn't bother me, though, I was just glad I got it sent in! The factor that held me back was the entry fee. It was exorbitant!! But I emptied my piggy bank and dug under the couch cushions and collected enough money for it. Winners will be notified by October 17th, which sounds like a long way off, but it's only four months. Please keep your fingers crossed! 

3) I've been reading some of the books my author friends wrote and I will be posting a review of sorts as soon as I can. Also, if anyone would like to be highlighted on my blog, please e-mail me. (Even if we already discussed it, because I might need a reminder!)

Myrna, this photo is for you!
(I'll explain it on another blog post.)


One of the books I've been reading is a pure gem: Round Up the Usual Subjects: Thoughts on Just About Everything, by Robert Brault
(Robert is the amazing author of many sayings, some of which have been posted over the years on his blog, and particularly a very famous one: "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Here is another new favorite I just discovered in his book. The chapter is "Perseverance," and it's the Keynote Thought:

"How often in life we complete a task that was beyond the capability of the person we were when we started it." -- Robert Brault

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The Ronald realized a long time ago that I am very easy to please, which is something I'd already known for years! We talk about it off and on in an abstract kind of way; wondering why some people behave the way they do.
Are we just born with certain traits or do we learn them? What exactly do we inherit from our parents and other ancestors?
I like to believe that my way of looking at life is a combination: I was born with some happy characteristics and I also learned by example. In my very young years, I was a bliss child. There was lots of happiness and smiles, laughter and love, and a general feeling of security and contentment in my home.
Taking these photos gave me great joy which continues every time I look at them.
I took this yesterday while driving to my chiropractor's office.

This is in his parking lot.
There were tons of gorgeous clouds, but I just couldn't get the right views.
So many were big, fluffy cotton-ball-like .....
and others were dark.
My old shell chimes hanging under our patio umbrella.
Vern lifting his paw. See him smiling at me!

Vern and his water cup at Sonic.
I took him there for an ice cream treat because
he had a traumatic time getting his nails clipped. Aww...
Double rainbow!


This one was taken from inside my car.


This one from outside my car.
I wanted to show how high the rainbow was
when it began to curve.
 * Click on the photos for a larger view. *

* P.S. June 25th: Susan, at Writing Straight from the Heart, surprised me by posting her interview with me! Please stop by if you're not tired of reading about my memoir.There's also a photo of Vern, so that's a perk! :)


It also gives me pleasure to smile and offer my help to others. So many people go through life in a kind of fog, and don't even notice the beauty around them. Am I saying that I'm always cheerful and exuberant? Gosh, no! But, how about 90% of the time? I'd say Yes!
"There is a voice in the Universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It's Time for Another Living the Writer's Life

Tomorrow, Sunday June 22nd, I'm being highlighted on Linda Austin's blog, Moon Bridge Books. Please stop by and leave a comment if you have a moment! Linda is an awesome writer and editor, among many other talents. She's written two books, one is a memoir, Cherry Blossoms in Twilight and a book of poetry, Poems That Come to Mind.

* Sunday 10:15AM, CDT --- Oops, I guess I forgot to find out what time my piece  would be on Linda's blog! When I know, I'll come back here and post it. *

* Sunday 5:00PM, CDT --- Hello All ~ I was mistaken concerning the time Linda would post her interview with me! It is now available. Please stop by!
I'm very proud to have two new reviews for my memoir that I posted at the top of my blog. One is from Robert Brault and the other is C. Hope Clark. I'm very grateful to both of them.
“Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.” -- Thomas M. Cirignano

Monday, June 16, 2014


It's Time for Another Living the Writer's Life

Along the same theme as my Nostalgic Sundays posts being about memories, I'm also going to have frequent blog posts titled, Living the Writer's Life. They will be guessed it: Writerly Things! I need to decide on a photo for it too, like the Andy Griffith dinner table for nostalgia. (What do y'all think about this one? I loved this when I used it for my blog header, but since it wasn't an "official" BlogSpot header, I had some problems with it. Any other suggestions, other than a laptop, or pen in hand kind of thing?)

For weeks I've mentioned Calls for Submissions and Contests that I've come across, and I'm finally getting the chance to post them. I wish I remembered where I saw each of them, so I could give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately I didn't write it down.

Click on the links below for complete contest rules and guidelines.  Good Luck!

Good Housekeeping: All About Love Contest, Deadline September 1, 2014.

Real Simple: Life Lessons Essay Contest, Deadline September 18, 2014

Mark Twain:
The Royal Nonesuch National Humor Writing Contest, Deadline June 30, 2014
I'll have more to share in the next few days.
"If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages." - Elaine Liner

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Those who have been frequent visitors to my blog and/or have read my memoir, know that I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad after my parents divorced when I was a young girl. I adored him during the years he and my mother were married, and devastated by his absence afterwards. He lived in other states, remarried, and was so self-absorbed, he just wasn't a dad anymore to my brother and me.

Although my mother bad-mouthed him every chance she got, I remember her saying us kids should send him Father's Day cards every year. I'm sure she hoped he would feel ashamed and guilty when reading our cards, although I don't know if that ever worked or not.

Those first couple of years, I'd search through the Father's Day cards, and choose an age-appropriate one, as in "To Daddy." But, it didn't take very long before I knew in my heart that I just couldn't send him a card that said what a wonderful father he was. Every now and then, I'd find a card that just said very plainly, "Happy Father's Day," and that one I allowed myself to purchase. The older I got, though, reading the loving sentiments inside the cards just made me think What a joke, and I stopped buying any.

My on-again, off-again tradition of mailing Father's Day cards to him continued all through my adulthood, and until his death in 2002. I never gave up my wish to have that loving, dependable father that eluded me all those years.

I hope everyone who had, or still has, a wonderful father, knows how fortunate they are! Be sure and tell them you love them.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'm happy to take part in the book cover reveal party for Carol Kilgore's new novel,
Secrets of Honor
Many of you already know Carol because of her awesome blog, Under the Tiki Hut. I always enjoy her Friday's Top Ten, and she's also the Hostess with the Mostest for guest bloggers. (I've been her guest and had a blast sipping exotic drinks one of her cabana boys would bring with just a simple, "Oh, cabana boy! I'd like a cool drink with a tiny umbrella in it, please!)



By the end of a long evening working as a special set of eyes for the presidential security detail, all Kat Marengo wants is to kick off her shoes and stash two not-really-stolen rings in a secure spot. Plus, maybe sleep with Dave Krizak. No, make that definitely sleep with Dave Krizak. The next morning, she wishes her new top priorities were so simple.

As an operative for a covert agency buried in the depths of the Department of Homeland Security, Kat is asked to participate in a matter of life or death—locate a kidnapped girl believed to be held in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since the person doing the asking is the wife of the president and the girl is the daughter of the first lady’s dearest friend, it’s hard to say no.

Kat and Dave quickly learn the real stakes are higher than they or the first lady believed and will require more than any of them bargained for.

The kicker? They have twenty-four hours to find the girl—or the matter of life or death will become more than a possibility.

Carol writes grocery lists, texts to her family, new lyrics to old songs for her dogs, love notes to her husband, and novels for herself. And for you. In between, she blogs weekly at Under the Tiki Hut and is active on Facebook and Twitter.

She sees mystery and subterfuge everywhere. And she’s a sucker for a good love story—especially ones with humor and mystery. Crime Fiction with a Kiss gives her the latitude to mix and match throughout the broad mystery and romance genres. Having flexibility makes her heart happy.
You can connect with Carol and her books here:

Under the Tiki Hut blog:

Website with Monthly Contest:



Once upon a time, there was a jewel thief. Her name was Katia. She worked for The Government. Yes, that government. But one day, Kat took something she shouldn’t have. She really shouldn't have done that.
Once upon a time, there was a jewel thief—for The Government. Yes, that government. But one day, she took something she shouldn’t have. And then she met the Wicked Witch.

He's hot.
And she's a doozy.
They've known each other for years.
But on this one particular night. . . .

Sometimes, a woman has to do what a woman has to do . . . even when she knows she shouldn't.

Life was so simple—until she had to save one.

She knows how to take things, but now she must find a person.

* Carol is a very talented and giving person. She encourages authors of all genres and at all stages of their careers. I'm happy to be one of her hosts. *

* If other writers would like to be highlighted on my blog, please leave a comment or e-mail me at Writergal 53 (at) Gmail (dot) com. AND, if you've already contacted me and I haven't responded, you have my sincere apologies. Please e-mail me again! *

Sunday, June 8, 2014


For the past couple of weeks I've mentioned that I have lots of writerly info to share, and now I just hope I can remember a good percentage of it all. REMINDER TO SELF: keep better track of all the info I want to blog about!

For one thing, I've been spending a lot of time online, searching for all the different ways to market my memoir. The websites and blogs are endless and overwhelming, but I've gotten to the point where I get "a feel" right away as to whether I think one has noteworthy information or not. And still, I firmly believe the best way for a book to really take off, is by word of mouth. If enough people love a book and shout it from the rooftops, then it will soar to the top of the bestselling lists. (my dream and my goal)

Because my book is a memoir which women would particularly enjoy, I put on my old
thinking cap to come up with unique places to call on about selling it in their stores. For instance, there's a quaint shop near my home in Old St. Charles, called Thistle & Clover. They specialize in Welsh, Scottish, and Irish gifts, jewelry, clothing, etc...and a few books.

Thistle & Clover

I really had to talk myself into going inside that store and speaking to the owner about possibly selling my memoir there, on consignment. The owner, Karen, happened to be there the day I walked in. I showed her my book and explained how I thought it would be a great item to have in her store, since I'm part Welsh. She asked if there was anything in particular in my memoir about Wales or me being Welsh, other than my maiden name, and I hesitated for a split second and said "No!" And we both laughed. Long story short: I left a complimentary copy for her to read, stopped back a month later and she apologized for not having time to read any of it yet. I said, "Oh, I understand. No problem. I'll just check with you again in a few more weeks." I purchased a key ring that had my great-grandmother's maiden name on it: MacPherson. Yes, I'm also part Scottish! A day or two later, she e-mailed me saying she'd actually read a few pages, and that she must have my books in her store. I went to see her the next day, we talked and laughed for about an hour, and she bought six copies....full selling price! She didn't want to go the consignment way. She wanted me to have the money. Can you say New Best Friend?
We are definitely kindred spirits and will be meeting for dinner sometime soon. We need more time to talk!
That's all for this blog post. I'll be sharing much more information soon about * Living the Writer's Life. *
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“Laugh at yourself, but don't ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don't leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory.” -- Alan Alda

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I had planned to blog about other things today: writerly topics, humorous subjects, etc.

but my mind won't let me. I can't stop thinking about my cousin's daughter who

collapsed at her work yesterday and died. She was approximately 50 years old, or


*I just found out Hilary's birthday was in a couple of weeks.....she would have been only 42 years old.

An autopsy is being performed.....

She was a doctor and died right there at the hospital (I think) where she worked. They

all live on the East Coast.....Boston and New York. That's why I don't really know her

daughters , and I don't see my cousin very often, but we e-mail, etc. She and her

husband came to town to visit us about a year ago. Such a shock.....
I hope to be back tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, and tell your family and friends that you love them. Don't let another moment go by......

Monday, June 2, 2014

June is Busting Out All Over!

  • It's the first week of June, 2014! Can you believe it??
  • In yesterday's blog post, I announced that today my interview/book giveaway would be on Karen Lange's blog. Please stop by because Karen asked some great questions, and the giveaway has easy rules. It has a short deadline: Thursday, June 5th, midnight Eastern Time.
  • Also, beginning tomorrow June 3rd, I have a guest post on Melissa Ann Goodwin's blog. Melissa will include her review of my memoir, which I anxiously await!
  • As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I still have lots of additional writerly news to share in the next few days, so please come back for that, too: Contests, Calls for Submissions, Interesting News & Tidbits, etc. I hope to get those posted tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • Have a beautiful, blissful week!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's time for another Nostalgic Sunday

Why is today a "Nostalgic Sunday?"  Hmm, where should I begin? 

  • The Ronald and I met friends for breakfast this morning, which is something we hardly ever do. Having breakfast at a restaurant usually occurs when we're out of town on vacation. It's a real treat! And I'm feeling very nostalgic for.... vacations..... *sigh*

  • Last Tuesday, I spoke to three each - 2nd Grade classes at a local elementary school. It was Career Day and I spoke about being a writer. In addition to my talk, I handed out decorative pencils, envelopes, lined paper, and a questionnaire/fact sheet I wrote. I was actually surprised to know they still use pencils that need to be sharpened! Also, I learned a generation-gap kind of lesson. The students responded excitedly about the pencils, but when I asked if they'd also like loose-leaf paper, they all stared at me in complete silence. I was so surprised and couldn't imagine why they wouldn't also want paper, when one of the teachers stood up and said, "Mrs. Povich means notebook paper." Ahh....more cheers!

  • Tomorrow, I'm doing the same thing at another nearby school. I'll be speaking to one each - 2nd Grade class, and two each -5th Grade classes. I'm all ready to go and looking forward to it. I love speaking to students and adults of all ages.

              And why do these two speaking events make me feel nostalgic? There are quite a few reasons: it seems like yesterday when my two sons were in grade school and high school. And it doesn't seem that long ago since I was that young! Where did those years go?!

Tomorrow I'm a guest on Karen Lange's blog! There's an interview and a giveaway, so please stop by!!

I have lots of additional writerly news to share in the next few days, so please come back for that, too: Contests, Calls for Submissions, etc.
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“It shocks me how I wish for...what is lost and cannot come back.” -- Sue Monk Kidd, Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story
"There's a certain nostalgia and romance in a place you left." -- David Guterson