Thursday, July 24, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I had an upcoming event at one of our local libraries, but I don't think I wrote about it on my blog. 
The name of my presentation was:
"My Long and Zig-Zaggy Road to Publication
So, You Think You're Too Old to Write?"
It was last night and lots of fun. About 30 in attendance, great questions, laughter at the appropriate times, and sold some books! The Kisker Road Library (branch of the St. Charles City - County Library District) did a great job hosting the event. Thanks to everyone who came!


For once I actually remembered to bring my "real" camera, not just my cell phone, and then forgot to have anyone take any pictures during the talk! Grrr.... I really wanted to have pictures of the table of cookies and coffee, (provided by the library) the table with my books, business cards, and newsletter sign-up sheet, AND most of all...the people!

So, when The Ronald and I were packing up and the last ones to leave, he took these two pictures!
One fairly normal pose, and
one the usual goofy Becky pose!


A week from today, on July 31st, I'll be in Iowa for a book signing! * If you've read my memoir, you'll know the name of the town and why I've loved it for so many years.*

OH, and speaking of Iowa, The Ronald and I will be joining one of our sons tomorrow night to watch one of my favorite movies >>>>>> Field of Dreams.
"Is this Heaven?'s Iowa."
* I just found out this morning that I'm featured on The Writers' Lens today. Please hop on over and see how I compare writers' block to solving math word problems! *