Saturday, December 8, 2012

* Leaps of Faith and Me: A Continuing Scenario *

Does this happen to you? Just when you think your plans are set and the road ahead is straight and clear, you come to a hill and on the way down, a mirage appears to lie ahead in the distance, right in the middle of the road....

Once again it's time for me to take another leap of faith, actually two giant leaps of faith, because I feel that I'm on the brink of something big and it's time to take control of my own destiny. 

I'm excited, invigorated, and ready to say, "Look out world. Here I come!"

I apologize for sounding secretive or mysterious, but I can't reveal things until they've actually begun. It should be soon, though.

Have you noticed my new plaque I posted on the right side bar? It's kind of hard to miss, isn't it? I saw it a couple of weeks ago at Home Goods and although it's not in any of my color schemes, it yelled at me to buy it. I could I resist? It says ALL the things I believe in, and it even has "Follow Your Bliss" on it. Sold! 

Oh, and on a side note: I've begun writing a sequel to my memoir! I still have so many stories to tell. Now I just need a title! 

Welcome to my newest follower Trish at Desktop Retreat.
I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see!  

And because I believe in all those sayings, that's why I have to make those leaps of faith when something presents itself: 

Follow Your Heart. Never Give UP. Nothing is Impossible.