Thursday, December 5, 2013

* This 'n That on a Thursday Evening *

You know how thoughts just seem to pop in and out of your head? Sometimes remembered, but most likely forgotten, and some are truly important.

Yesterday I decided I need to order one of those waterproof thingys for the shower, so I can write down those awesome brainstorms before they're forgotten!

Another thing that popped into my head, and where this came from I have NO idea, was that if I had to describe my present-day personality combining three literary characters, they would be: Pollyanna, Little Orphan Annie, and Lucy Van Pelt.

Pollyanna: She always looked for, and found, the good in everything. There was always something to be glad about. As a young girl, every time I watched the movie on TV with Hayley Mills as Pollyanna, I'd get so upset with all the adults in it because they'd get angry at her for always being so cheerful. It just didn't make sense to me, and still doesn't!

Little Orphan Annie: She always looked forward to tomorrow, because things were going to be better then, or at least they could be. She had spunk, self-reliance, and hope. She never gave up.

Lucy Van Pelt: Oh my goodness...there's so many reasons! She's such a smart-alecky, know-it-all, and still says the funniest things.


Okay, now that I shared that bit of trivia, I must apologize for not getting back to my blog like I kept saying I would. I've been in such a whirlwind that continues to spin, so I'm just going to post the short version.

1) I didn't go shopping after all on Small Business Saturday, except at my local resale boutique and hit the mother lode on great clothes. They were actually in my size, fit perfectly, and of course were very inexpensive. What more could a gal ask for?!

2) Have I mentioned I was interviewed on a local radio station? It was last Wednesday, Nov 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. It was lots of fun and I wasn't a bit nervous. It can be heard here. Just click on Lets Talk Shop for 11/27/2013. Then move the cursor to about 0:55:20. That's where my part begins. 

3) For the very first time, I'm attending the Erma Bombeck Writing Workshop! It's in April of 2014. Yesterday at noon was the opening to sign up and it was sold out within hours! I would've been so disappointed if I hadn't gotten in. I'm still going to submit something to the humor contest though, hoping to maybe win a free workshop like my friend, Donna Volkenannt did last year!

That's it for tonight. Wishing you all a very warm and comfy home if you're in the frigid areas of the world. And to those of you who may be too in Australia....I wish you coolness!

"Can I help it if I was born with crabby genes?!" -- Lucy Van Pelt

"Watching your graceful movements on the pitcher's mound lulled me to sleep." -- Lucy Van Pelt

"The sun'll come out Tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow. Come what may. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow. You're only a day away. -- Little Orphan Annie

"See here, little girl, we might just as well settle this thing right now, once and for all," he began testily. "I've got something besides the weather to think of. I don't know whether the sun shines or not."
Pollyanna beamed joyously, "No sir; I thought you didn't. That's why I told you."