Tuesday, December 16, 2014



When I first started looking for a job a few months ago, one thing I said I would NOT do was work in retail. Well, have I mentioned that I'm working in retail?! But it's not in a large department store or discount store. THAT, I swear, I would NOT do!

I'm working seasonal, part-time at Thistle & Clover, the specialty shop I mentioned in a blog post on June 8th. (They carry Scottish, Irish, and Welsh items.) My new friend, Karen and her husband own it, and they are great to work for. The other employees are helpful and fun to work with, too. I'm enjoying learning about some of my Welsh and Scottish heritage which is on my dad's side of the family: the coat of arms, the tartans, the history, etc.

Karen, in front of Thistle & Clover

I love talking with people and helping them find what they're looking for, so it hasn't really seemed much like work.....until I get home and realize how tired I am!

Over the past week, when I've been home from work, I've been adding a few ornaments to our Christmas tree. It occurred to me that at the rate I was going, it would never be finished before Christmas! So, during the past couple of days I finished trimming the tree! I'm so happy with it!

Our Christmas tree in 2014

Last year we only had a tiny, two foot tall tree, and it didn't seem like Christmas to me. This year we have a six foot tall tree, complete with lights, that we got at Walgreens last year after Christmas for...Ten Dollars! I'll post a couple of photos soon.

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." - Burton Hillis