Monday, October 5, 2015


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I've never been able to understand how anyone can possibly read a book while soaking in a bath tub...and actually enjoy it! I tried it a time or two, always with unfavorable results. Maybe I should point out first that I don't even LIKE to take baths. I much prefer showers.

Even if you have a "book holder," what about turning pages? Aren't your fingers wet? And after you've been reading for a while, don't you want to get out of that lukewarm, or actually COLD water??

Call me nutty, but I just can't imagine that being a comfy, relaxing way to read.

SO, when I came across the above photo, I thought to myself, I've just GOT to find someone to make one of these for me! (and for it to NOT cost a fortune!) Since I'm so short, I'm sure I would fit nicely in it!

And it would be similar to a window seat which is something I've always wanted. I remember watching a TV show or movie, many years ago, as in my childhood, where a teenage girl lounged on a window seat cushion, eating a red apple, and reading a hardcover book! (yeah, that had quite an impact on me!) So, it was one of those material things I dreamed about and longed for that never happened.

Nowadays I have a daybed near a window and that would be such a close equivalent...but for now it's one of Vern's beds! Actually, when we moved into our condo, we placed the mattress directly on the carpet, so Vern could take just one step, and voila'. Previously, he'd have to get a running start and jump up onto the bed. So, it is HIS bed until the sad time arrives when it is no longer needed.

This was taken at the townhouse, when Vern was still able to jump up onto the bed.

What about you? Baths or showers?
Reading while in one or the other? J

Happy Monday, everyone! Have a beautiful, blissful, "autumnly" kind of week!