Friday, May 1, 2020


Hello All -

Once again, I'm here to announce I'm alive and well and hope all of you are the same!

I added three tidbits to: My Publications -Chronological Order on the left side about half way down. 

I discovered an opportunity to write poetry (even though I'm not a poet!) Unfortunately I wasn't aware of it until April 21st, and it began the first of April...being Poetry Month. 

If you click on the three links, it takes quite a bit of scrolling to find mine, and since they are very short, I decided to post them here. (for you reading pleasure! LOL)

April 27 - Word prompts for this: City, Open, Public, Design, Displaced
Although I love this city
I feel so displaced
especially now when the world
appears so upside down. There is no
“public” anymore. We are separated not
by choice but by design.
I throw open a window yearning
for the day I can resume my life.
— Becky Lewellen Povich
April 24 - Word prompts for this: Remote, Shelter, Digital, Breathe, Distance
It was a remote shelter.
The distance was incredibly
safe, one I chose carefully, with
plenty of air to breathe.
The only problem was
nothing digital, only my abacus.
— Becky Lewellen Povich
April 21, 2020 - Word prompts for this: Petal, Opal, Hallway, Swish, Gleam
With a gleam in her eye, Opal skipped and twirled
through the hallway, hoping to show off her beautiful new
polka dot skirt. She almost got dizzy, but managed to stay on
her feet and hang onto the yellow rose petal she’d found earlier that day.
Maybe someone would happen to open their door
and see her. She loved the swish and summery look of her skirt,
and also wanted to bring smiles to her elderly neighbors.
It was great being six years old!

— Becky Lewellen Povich

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