Thursday, January 14, 2010

** Family, Friends, and Love **

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First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law, Alice!! (I thought I better post that, since she's an avid reader of my blog!) We have so much in common, especially our love of books and reading....and of course, being fabulous women!  Have a great weekend, Sis! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!

(My office; photo taken by Becky)
I'm in the midst of:  Being in a writing blitz. Going through my piles of junk; what to save and where; what to throw out or recycle. Doing loads of laundry. Paying bills. Reading friends' blogs. Cleaning up the kitchen. Putting away folded clothes. Letting my dog, Tiger out, letting Tiger back in, letting Tiger back out ....It occurred to me tonight that every one of my days and evenings are almost exactly the same, and yet, I'm not bored. I don't wish I was someone else, or lived somewhere else. I'm enjoying my life so very, very much. I am happy. I sing. I dance. I laugh. I joke. I talk to my husband, family, friends, Tiger......whoever will listen! I know I'm so fortunate to have a happy marriage, a great family, wonderful friends. Of course, my life is not perfect. I've had tremendous worries, I've suffered losses, and some of my younger years were awful, but I got through it all. And I've decided that what helped me get through the tough times was Love. Each time I needed help, each time I needed a solution, each time I needed was love that saved me. At times it was the love of a sister, or my husband, or a friend, or that spiritual kind of love I've experienced a few times in my life. It happened either by reading something so comforting, listening to beautiful music, or hearing words that helped me make sense of things. That feeling...a peacefulness, a serenity that calmed me, I believe that is with me always. That is my cloak of comfort. That is my cloak of happiness.

(Plaque hanging on my wall. photo taken by Becky)

My quote for the day is the one on this plaque.
"Live as though Heaven is on earth." -- Alfred Souza