Friday, February 19, 2010

Bread Alone Contest & A Runaway Zebra

(photo: Harper Collins)
Bread Alone: There's still some time left to be in my contest that ends tonight at midnight CST. Just leave a comment about making bread in the post of February 13th. It's that easy! One lucky person, to be randomly chosen, will be the winner of the autographed book, "Bread Alone"! Tell all your friends, neighbors and fellow bloggers!
“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” -- Robert Browning

Runaway Zebra:  **This is part of an e-mail from my niece in Atlanta. I hadn't even heard about the poor zebra that was trying to run away from the circus.**John and I were on the interstate with the runaway zebra yesterday!!.... at 5:00 and we were headed to Bremen.....We got on the entrance ramp to the south bound connector and all of a sudden a zebra ran past the car...right next to me! I could have touched him. Bless his heart, he just does not want to be in the circus! Luckily, it was during rush hour and people were inching along so I felt like he wouldn't get hit. He was safely caught and treated for bloody hooves. He's now having some R&R time before he does another show. He was singing his heart out as he ran past my car...♪♫♪..Born free, as free as the wind blows ♪♫ free as the grass grows...♪♫...I know he was thinking about the Kapiti Plain! *Aww..that poor zebra. I feel so sorry for him *

"Look there daddy, do you see? There's a horse in striped pajamas.
No, thats not what it is at all. That's an animal people call a zebra.
I see, but it still looks like a horse in striped pajamas to me."