Friday, July 26, 2013

Writers: Another Call for Submissions

My friend Kathleene S. Baker asked if I would share a call out from Publishing Syndicate, and I said "Certainly!" in my best Curly (of the Three Stooges) voice. *Yes folks, some women do like the Three Stooges and I am one of them. I grew up watching them on TV in the 1950s. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!*

But, back to today's topic. Kathleene still needs a few stories about pets. She provided the following info:

It's time folks...I'm needing stories for Not YourMother’s Book . . . On Pets! Don't procrastinate as I already have some terrific stories in the database.  Please share with other writers, writing groups, etc. It's time to put your pen to paper.

As you can see, most anything goes. The story must be true, humorous, wacky or downright amazing!

And now, my award winning poem! No laughing allowed. :-)

From chirps to quacks to cock-a-doodle-doo
Potbellied pigs and bunny rabbits, too
Goats or monkeys and cows that moo
Rats and lizards— even snakes will do!

If they have become a pet, we will certainly consider stories of
wild rehabbed animals unable to return to their natural habitat.


Thanks, Kathy! Love your poem. Your poetic quality is similar to mine. ☺

Click on Publishing Syndicate's link above for submission instructions. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment area, and they will be answered. 

Happy Friday and Happy All or Nothing Day! (see widget on right side) *Psst. Tandem Skydiving is one of my bucket list adventures!