Saturday, March 25, 2017


I can't believe it's been eleven days since I posted a little note, saying I'd be back later that evening to share some news. What can I say? I just realized what and who I am. I'm a forgetful procrastinator. Put those two things together....and you got trouble!  J

The big news is not about me at all. It's about our son, Mark. Some of you might remember he's been a student at Washington University in St. Louis for a number of years. And now, after his dedication and hard work all those years, on March 10th of this year, he officially became a Doctor - a Ph.D in the PNP Program...Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. (Uh, just where did he inherit his intelligence? I'd have to say it's from MY side of the family!)  Here is the notice on the WU website: 
(Those of you who are also on Facebook, I apologize for the duplicate news posting!)

What comes to mind could be those wacky PhD characters on The Big Bang Theory:
Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter
Dr. Raj Koothrappali
But, I can assure you that although Mark ....aka Dr. an extremely intelligent guy, he is not a nerd!

Mark has always been the child/teenager/man that every parent dreams of. I guess you can imagine how proud and happy Ron and I are.