Saturday, June 4, 2011

* Suffering from Wanderlust *

Have I mentioned lately that I've never felt such a desire, in my entire life, TO GO SOMEWHERE! Just about anywhere! This powerful force grabbed me a few days ago and hasn't lessened its grip, even a smidgen. I could go on and on as to the whys and wherefores, but I know for sure that my desire to get away and to WRITE is a huge part of it. (Oh, is it coming through loud and clear that I want to go alone?! Although I would take Vern if it was possible!)

Sweet Vern napping on his bed by the fireplace.

Part of me would love to go to a darling, beach side cottage, where the ocean waves would lull me to sleep at night, after a long, glorious day of research and writing.

Part of me yearns to visit the small town in Iowa that I love so dearly. It was the home of my grandparents and parents, long before I came along.

Right now I'd settle for a little 2 or 3 day get-away. Less than 50 miles away if that's all I could have. I just want to get OUTTA HERE

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Got any luxurious time-share places I could visit? ☺

“He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left” -Chinese proverb