Friday, November 13, 2009

** Friday....The End of Quite a Week **

This week, my mind was full of a variety of issues, and some of them, most likely, were subconscious in nature: Thoughts and worries pertaining to a very dear friend's open-heart surgery; thoughts and excitement about a dressy, fund raising event; berating myself for not concentrating on my writing enough; thinking and planning ahead to our family Thanksgiving get-together on Saturday, the 21st; mulling over other family concerns, etc. etc. etc.!!

I did still manage to be aware of my surroundings, though, and noticed things to write about. One in particular.... the Christmas tree set up at my hair salon. ( I'm not mentioning the name, because I'm about to make fun of their tree.) At first glance, it really wasn't bad looking, considering it was probably an inexpensive, artificial tree. It was nicely shaped, decorated with stylists names on ornaments, and a few pretty wrapped boxes with ribbons, placed underneath. Underneath! That's where I noticed IT! The tree could have almost, if you didn't look too closely, pass for a real tree, except for IT. What real tree have you ever seen with pine needles growing thickly, straight out from the trunk? All I could think of was a woman's leg that desperately needed to be shaved..... a very skinny leg, densely covered with a forest of 3 inch hair! Fortunately, no one saw me staring at the trunk, smiling. And thank goodness, I didn't actually laugh out loud. Every time I think of that tree, I get a goofy grin on my face. I know, too, that from now on, whenever I see an artificial tree, my eyes will go directly to its trunk. And I'll probably always feel a grin spreading over my face, whether it's hairy or bare.