Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grade School, Girl Scouts & High School

What a trip down memory lane last night........literally!
Friend, Barb and I drove down many familiar roads.

It was great seeing familiar faces (and some, not so familiar) at a high school reunion that almost turned out to be more about our grade school and girl scout friends!

Let's about some Number One songs from 1967:

Groovin' -- by The (Young) Rascals
Happy Together -- by The Turtles
Light My Fire -- by The Doors

And.....Number One songs from 1971:
My Sweet Lord -- by George Harrison (The Beatles had broken up)
Maggie May -- by Rod Stewart
It's Too Late -- by Carole King (Her album, Tapestry, was a huge hit. I almost wore mine out!)

It was too bad more people didn't or couldn't attend, but we're already talking about our next get-together.....probably in 2 years,

which will be our 40th High School Reunion!!!

Acccckkkkk.....that number does not compute! I refuse to believe it!