Sunday, July 18, 2010

** Wow! I'm a Blogger of Note on WOW! **

Hey Everyone! I'm thrilled to be chosen as today's Blogger of Note (BON) at Words of Wisdom (WOW). If you're not familiar with Words of Wisdom and you're wondering what they're about, "WOW is a place for bloggers who enjoy reading and writing great content to find each other."

I've come across some of my newer, favorite blogs via WOW. So, if you haven't visited them before, hop on over there, check out their site and please leave a comment. If you're already a fan of WOW, but haven't been to my blog yet....Welcome!

A little about myself: As the top of my blog says: I'm a writer, humorist and bliss follower. I am an optimistic, funny, wise-cracking woman. I am kind, generous, and thoughtful. I can spout out a few choice words every now and then, especially when someone sneaks up and scares the heck out of me (see post: "I Could've Fallen Down the Steps"). I am also Not-Very-Young-Anymore, in People Years, but will always remain Young-at-Heart!

I love all kinds of music and change my Play List quite often, depending on my mood. For today's special post, I'm playing Music for Dreamers, because don't we all have a dream? Hopefully, it's one that we're passionate enough about to pursue!

My first book, a memoir of sorts, will be published later this year by High Hill Press. High Hill Press is a small publisher established in 2008 in the heartland of America. The goal of High Hill Press is to showcase the talents of writers who are often overlooked by the big New York Publishing houses. Writers with talent and passion and a story to tell. For information about High Hill Press or to submit to the High Hill Press Review, contact

WOW asked me to list links to three of my favorite posts. That took quite a bit of time, because I obviously think 99% of my posts are quite fabulous! I tried to choose some with different themes, and they are:

I Could've Fallen Down the Steps!

Talkin' About My Book & Changin' My Music

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis. Thanks to those of you who only stop by occasionally. Whether you leave comments or not, are an "official" follower or not, I am truly grateful that you enjoy reading my posts. And thanks again to Pam and Sandy at WOW for featuring me today!

I always try to end each post with a quote that pertains to the particular ramblings of the day.

"If you can preserve the joy of writing, I think your voice will come through more strongly, and your book will be better." -- Eloisa James, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author