Thursday, July 29, 2010

* Finally -- I'm Having My July Contest! *

 I've finally come up with my July Contest! It's going to be my biggest and best so far. There are many prizes and they will all go to ONE WINNER. All of the items are new, never been used. As I browse and shop, I always come across things that I think would make neat gifts for friends, and that's what these prizes are.
These all match: 6 file folders, darling little sticky notes, 4 pens, & a set of 8 note cards.
If you love pink and'll love these!

A closer look at the sticky notes: 2 sizes and different patterns.

2 cute little hard cover books. Both are 5½" x 6".

This book is awesome. I've given quite a few as gifts, and I have one, too.
It's the perfect book for keeping track of the books and authors you've read.

There are dozens of these kinds of books, but I've always liked this one the best because it gives you an entire page for one author. Then you list all the books you've read by that person, and can rate it, etc.
Some of the other books to keep track of your reading just aren't set up the same.

It also has an area to write down the books you've loaned out to friends.

This is a great area to keep track of readers groups, clubs, meetings, etc.

Just a closer look at the 4 pens and the note card set of 8.

This book looks really cute. I barely opened it because I didn't want it to look "used"!
It says" A story for anyone who thinks she can't save the world".

This little book is full of homemade tea recipes and yummy treats to go along with your tea!

Well, there you have it! You could be the winner of all these items. The rules are very simple.

1) You must be a follower of mine.
2) You need to leave a comment & say why you would like to win these items! No particular word count required. You can be as long-winded or micro-minded as you wish! Creativity is a PLUS. Winner will be drawn randomly, but hey, let's make it fun and interesting, okay?!
3) Contest will end on Tuesday, August 3rd, at midnight CDT. Enter soon, before you miss it.
Have Fun and Good Luck!

** A little P.S. to this. You don't necessarily have to be a grandma to enjoy the "grandma" book. It's about how one person can make a change in this world! **

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." - Mark Twain