Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last night I finished a fabulous book!....Blind Submission, by Debra Ginsberg.
I had a feeling I would love it as soon as I read the dedication...it's to writers and book lovers, but I won't quote it exactly....partly because it may not be legal to do that!!...and partly because I want ya'll to read it for yourself. It is very moving.

I'm always doubly excited when I just happon upon a book, whether it's in the library or book store, and I gobble it up because it's just soooo good!! That's how it was with this book. I read and read until my eyes would get too blurry to see!
(I bought this one at Barnes & Noble while just browsing one day.)

I'm sure that all of my writer-friends out there will love this novel. Not only is it wonderfully written, but it's also about the book industry! Writers, Agents, Assistants, Publishers, etc.

Normally, I don't like to compare books, but I had the same thought as some of the "big name" reviewers: it's similar to The Devil Wears Prada....the boss from hell and her overworked, unappreciated assistant!

It's funny and suspenseful and I highly recommend it!!

*This was Debra's first novel. She's also written three memoirs, which I'll definitely be reading next! You can learn more about Debra at www.debraginsberg.com/