Thursday, June 18, 2015


I am one of three winners of a beautiful, little silver charm......of a biplane! And those of you who've read my blog for quite a while, or have read my memoir, know what a special meaning prop planes have in my life. Whenever I hear the distinctive engine noise, I never miss the opportunity to look up into the sky, searching for it. And when I do see it, it always makes me smile!

picture of biplane from Susan Crandall's website/blog

Cover of Susan Crandall's newest book: The Flying Circus

I happened to come across Susan's offer to enter to win the charm by pre-ordering her newest book. I haven't purchased any new, hardcover books in a LONG time, but The Flying Circus sounded like a novel I'd enjoy, and with the chance to win the adorable charm, too, I jumped on the bandwagon. It comes out in early July, which unbelievably, is right around the corner.

*Note: As soon as I received my charm, I tried taking photos of it to post here, but couldn't get any that weren't blurry. (It's about 1/2" x 1/2". So cute!) And when I got out my "real" camera, (as opposed to cell phone camera) the battery was dead and would not charge, either. I happen to know I've been asking Santa for a new, really good camera for about 10 years now.....Looks like I better just go and buy it myself, huh?!

I'll be sure and post my thoughts about The Flying Circus as soon as I finish reading it!

~ ~ ~

Did you ever have a charm bracelet? Do you have one now? I'd forgotten that I had one until just the other day. I found it while digging through some old jewelry! It was such fun to look at again and remember why and where I got certain charms.

Thank you again, Susan Crandall! I can't wait to receive your newest book and begin reading it!

Have any of you read Susan's books? Please share your thoughts.