Thursday, February 18, 2016


The other day I realized that something was happening to me...especially as I wrote and edited, and edited, and edited my entry for the Erma Bombeck competition. And when I wasn't actually at my laptop working on it, I thought about it constantly...jotting notes at work, or in the car... I began experiencing the happiness and desire to write again and to blog more. And last night I felt the need to give that "something" a name - but, there were so many words to describe it that I couldn't choose just one. So, the following words convey how I felt last night and still do this morning!


How glorious it is to have a passion for something creative!
Below is from an article I came across online:
The Motivated Mind: Where Our Passion & Creativity Comes From
"So that feeling of intense creativity, or that feeling of euphoria when engaging in something that is truly meaningful to you — it is real and it is something physiological that happens within your brain. It is one of the least researched aspects of psychology, yet it has the biggest impact on our personal lives."


What about you? Do you have a passion that comes and goes, or is it always with you? What works or doesn't work for you? Please share!