Saturday, September 5, 2020


Ron and I had to say goodbye to our beloved Charlie Thursday evening. We knew it was coming sometime soon, but he went downhill quickly...He hadn't eaten in almost 2 days, but drank water pretty much like normal, went outside always for potty, and was getting up and down the steps okay. But Thursday he began to really look confused and wasn't walking good and the last time he drank any water, he immediately threw it up...just the water.

(He had blood tests about 3 weeks ago and had very serious problems that no one was aware of. He had liver problems, thyroid problems, diabetes and a heart murmur! And he never seemed sick or uncomfortable before then.)

We had an appointment for this morning, so we could see our usual vet, but we didn't want Charlie to have to wait that long, so the clinic fit us in and they were all so kind, just like always.

I told Ron I can't go through this again and don't want another fur baby, and I truly believe it this time.

This was Charlie on his 12th birthday, this past February. 

I love this picture! This was earlier this year. Ron was walking with Charlie, and all of a sudden this stray cat decided he not only wanted to follow them home, he wanted to walk right next to Charlie and look at him as his new best friend! (Have you ever seen something like that?!) I think it's so adorable. Our next door neighbor already had a couple of cats, and she happily adopted this little guy, who she named Lucky!

Below are just a few of my favorite Charlie photos. 


And 2 beautiful quotes. 

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