Monday, July 30, 2012

The Loss of a Writer Friend

A dear writer friend passed away yesterday morning - Bea Siros. She was 76 years old. Although she recently had serious medical issues, this comes as a shock to me and others who knew her. 

I just loved Bea. She and I were the same height (although I weighed more!) and I'd stand next to her and hug her, saying how young she looked, which was so true...and that we looked the same age...or even that I looked older than her! (Also, The Ronald has called me Bea for years and years, and so she and I had that in common, too.)

Besides being a member of a critique group I belong to, Bea also was a long time member of Saturday Writers.

Earlier this spring when we were having summer-like temperatures, I offered to pick her up one Tuesday morning and take her to Coffee & my PT Cruiser, with the convertible top down. She was thrilled and loved every minute of it. After our critique session was over, a few of us stayed for lunch  as we usually did. When I dropped her off at her house, she asked me take a picture of her, with her camera, standing next to it...posing like a cute little school girl. I wish I had a copy of that picture.
What a talented writer, and a sweet and funny friend....I'll miss her a lot.