Sunday, October 23, 2016


Well, here it is again folks....time for another Nostalgic Sunday.

Can someone please invent a lasso of some sort that can be thrown around the earth and slow down time?? Or better yet, spin it backwards, and take us back to the days of black and white TV shows, and much simpler times.

I am really ready for a trip to good old Greenfield, where life is still a lot like Mayberry in the early 1960s. I don't know when I'll be going again, but you can be sure
 I'll be blogging about it when I do.

Greenfield Police Dept
July 2009
(smaller than Andy's jail!)

That same visit, July 2009
I actually rode in a prop plane, a 1946 Piper Cub, with NO doors,
and the pilot sat behind me. Weird! 
We flew all over Greenfield, and following the streets with my view, I saw my (deceased) grandparents' home. I still can't believe I did that!
P.S. One of the reasons I'd like to slow down the always marching of time, is because my youngest son's birthday was last week...he is now 29 years old!
(P.S. #2 - You can click on the Greenfield police station and
yellow prop plane photos to see them larger.) 

“The years just pass like trains.
I wave but they don't slow down” - Steven Wilson