Wednesday, August 24, 2011

* If I'm on my blog, I must be back! *

Hey Everyone! I'm happy to say that my Blog-a-Vacation has ended, at least for now. I wish I could report that I increased my word count in my memoir, by leaps and bounds, but that wouldn't be true. You know how sometimes you feel like you need to take a vacation to recuperate from your vacation?

I've been busier than ever with Saturday Writers, posting contest information, working on our October Workshop and First Annual Silent Auction. Thank goodness I have a fabulous person who volunteered to chair the auction for me. Thank you, Jennifer H.!! (Speaking of Saturday Writers, I've also just made the decision to not stay on as president next year. I've really enjoyed it, but it has taken up a lot more of my time (and energy) than I ever imagined.)

I'm very excited and honored to announce that I am the featured writer this Friday on WOW! Women on Writing Blog - The Muffin. So please stop by their blog on Friday, August 26th. You can also check out their guidelines for Friday Speak Out!

I've run across more Calls for Submissions and Contests, but I'll wait for another day to post them.

The Ronald and I have been talking about down-sizing for quite some time and have decided that NOW is pretty much the right time. So, I'll be more involved in what's been an on-going desire: De-cluttering my house! Also, I have some beautiful office furniture For Sale. Those of you who live in my part of the world and are interested, please e-mail me for information and photos.

All of this, plus throw in a little more family drama, and as I wrote on August 1st: "Life always gets in the way of my plans and well intentions."

 ....but, I don't give up.

"Ain't nothin' gonna bring me down!" --  Music & Lyrics by Marvel/Mann

"Don't rain on my parade!" -- Music & Lyrics by Merrill/Styne