Monday, October 17, 2011

Virtual Book Club

Stacey Krone-Battat, co-founder of Kiwi Publishing, and the President and Editor-in-Chief of the Thin Threads book series contacted me yesterday. She asked if I'd like to join in with her and promote their upcoming Virtual Book Club! As soon as I heard the details, I said a resounding "YES." Please read the following two paragraphs which I copied and pasted from their website.

What: A Virtual Thin Threads Book Club – we are expanding our community to share the best of the Thin Threads series – both to our dedicated fans, and to new readers who are intrigued by the topics. Every other Wednesday, simply dial a number on your phone and escape from your hectic pace to join our inspiring and soothing conversation. You won’t have to leave your place or home/work during the cold months (if you live in the cold)!

This is not a boring radio interview or webinar. You will be able to listen, ask questions, answer polls for fun, and even have a chat with others about the topics, as if we were together in my living room. Just think, you can invite one friend over for coffee or tea and participate, or call in while you are on the go! HOW CONVENIENT!!

Now, how cool is that?? I've already registered for the first two sessions: November 2nd and 16th. Click on the link below, and then click on the book title to get to the Registration Page.,com_eventlist/Itemid,54/ 

It'll be a blast! Just like Stacey said, it'll be like we're in her living room, chatting about books, having coffee or tea...and hey, I'll bring some homemade desserts! Come on and join the fun!